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Latest Render... see, I can do fluff

Christmas Kitten

I know scifi is my preference but I can do a little fluff when I'm in the mood. I'm not all that happy with the Christmas tree I chose. It had the bulbs I wanted to use and practice the emission shader on. This was done in Daz Studio, by the way. I may do another version of this using a more updated tree that came with an interior scene. These are all the Daz house cat with the kitten shape and the fur option. (I couldn't resist) The background looks a bit like my own backyard right now. We got some snow this week and it's been cold enough that it's not going anywhere anytime soon. White Christmas.

Work is stressing me the hell out which was the reason to escape up to my office and render cats, lol. 2020 should be the year of the alcoholic. I'm getting closer and closer to telling people off so it's a good thing I have just one working day left before we take off to our daughters house for Christmas. It's her first year hosting, our son has work out there so he's able to spend the holiday there with us. She even bought us all tickets to the Busch Gardens Christmas village. Kid #1 has a promotion and move coming up, I'm so proud of him. Son-in-law #1 recently received a promotion, first class petty officer, so really proud of him. Daughter has a new position so all three of the kids are doing well.

All I want for Christmas is a super computer that will cut my render times in half. :)


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