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Don't mind me I'm just talking to myself...    
~Digital Art, Crochet, Photography, Life....
“Writing is like talking to yourself, just in a way that makes it look like you're not crazy!” 
~Mary Kate

Until the weather affects your life on a biological level.... I don't want to hear you tell me I shouldn't complain about the weather. If you don't suffer from psoriatic or rheumatoid (or any type of...) arthritis then you have no clue just how much the weather affects my life. Here in northern California we just had a winter that would not quit. It would not stop snowing and once we hit spring not only did the snow persist longer than normal we then were hit with a couple of months of rainy weather.

Imagine being in pain almost 24/7 knowing that if it would just warm up you could possibly feel better. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to shooting pains. Imagine attempting to simply get out of bed but even that simple task feels daunting. That's what I have been feeling for the better part of a year now.

So when someone asks how I'm doing please let me know you really don't want to know because when I suggest that I'm really over the rainy weather and your response is "really? the weather?" .... Yes, the weather. What you see is a seemingly healthy person complaining about nothing because you can't see it and your lack of understanding invalidates my entire being when you completely discount my words to my face.

Something a little different but it's an image that has been rolling around in my head so I finally found the time to put it together. Hopefully no one is offended by a bare behind but the nudity is tasteful, imo. Looking at it now, I'm unsure of the paintings on the wall. They may be too busy for the mood I was going for so I may change those out for something more muted and render it again, who knows. I hate having to watermark the heck out of images but there are too many thieves online not to mention the new AI fad which sources online artwork. But the AI thing is a whole other discussion.


"Solitude is a courageous encounter with our naked, most raw and real self, in the presence of pure love."
~ Richard Rohr

"Pet" was the result of me needing to create something after months of not having the time/drive to get on the computer. I've missed this. It's simple and very little work however I did put the background together from several scenes.

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