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I am a perpetual student of anything creative whether it is Photography, Digital 3D art, Photoshop painting, Jewelry Design, Crochet, and more recently, writing.   

I am an amature Photographer and I've had two images accepted in the Bodie Foundation Calendar and in 2013 my image made the cover. One of my digital images was licensed to a major advertising agency for their Old Spice campaign. 

Digital art is something I got into about 20+ years ago and I have dabbled in everything from 3D to Photoshop Painting to 3D modeling.  I am completely self taught and am still learning/practicing Some of the 3D programs I use are:

Daz Studio - Blender  - Hexagon 3D - Rhino 3D - Bryce - Messiah Studio - Vue

Favorite genres are Scifi, fantasy, film noir and nature.  

I am a wife, Mom, Christian and very proud of my kids. 

If you would like to use an image or have one made please contact me using the contact info on the front page. We can work something out.  (Fan art images excluded, those are just for fun)

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