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Where have I been?

Getting over surgery. :) Yep, it's been fun... and painful. I've had arthritis since a teenager and both knees are bad. I finally found someone who would perform a total knee replacement which wasn't easy since my gp didn't want to refer me due to my age and the idea that I could end up needing a second after I'm through my 50's. But finally, the knee that was at its worst point has been replaced and I'll tell you.. everyone who's had it done said it was the best decision they ever made. What they didn't tell me was that its the most painful surgery/recovery you can have. I'm assuming that the majority were people who were already retired and had all the free time in the world. Me.. not so much. I'm working full time so to add that stress on top of the pain, pain pills (which are both a blessing and a curse) and general misery made it that much more difficult.

I had no idea the recovery time would take over 4 months to a year. Not fun. I'm really going to have to plan better when I finally have my other knee done. :)

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