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So I wrote something....

Writing does not come easy for me and it's not something I paid very much attention to in school either. I've had a story in my head for years and I've only managed to get a basic outline (if you could call it that) and a paragraph or two written. I've always been a fan of alternate realities and time travel stories and I came up with the idea on a trip to the ghost town Bodie. The main character is a photographer and as he's editing his shots he finds something very disturbing. As Bodie is known for the occasional ghost, he decides to research what he inadvertently captured and ends up catapulted into the past. My problem is that I have tons of ideas but not a lot of experience or talent in writing them down.

Then I found and I began reading some fan fiction. As a super fan of the Stargate franchise, particularly Stargate Atlantis, I thought what better way to get my feet wet than by using existing characters and settings and writing a short piece of fanfic. I always hate to see a good story end whether it's a series or a book. That's probably why I've always liked soap operas. :) So I put together a story idea and I swear it took almost a year to finish it. (I am so ADD) Since then I came up with another story idea that I'd love to write. It's more of a Galaxy Quest meets the Goonies, scifi related and probably way over my head but someone said "just write it, warts and all" so that's what I'm going to do. After Christmas I plan to devote more than just thinking about both ideas.

So anyway, for all two of you who read here (hi mom!) here's my short, Stargate Atlantis, fanfic. I cringed as I posted it but then I received a positive and inspiring comment so I thought I'd share:

Be kind when commenting. I don't mind positive critiques but outright bullying will be deleted.

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