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Mulder for the win

So the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament is over. Mark Mulder won it for the second time with Mardy Fish 2nd and Jack Wagner 3rd. My husband, daughter and I volunteer every year and it's always a blast. My favorites are Jack Wagner and Larry the Cable Guy. Jack is always so nice and he tends to remember my daughter and I. I'm always #TeamJack so this year I gave him a ball marker with that printed on it. Larry was sweet enough to take a quick selfie with me. The crowds were insane for Justin Timberlake. Ironically, neither my daughter or I are big J.T fans so it wasn't a big deal standing or walking next to him. I was tongue-tied enough talking to Jack, I always am. :) But it was some great golf and I got to see a lot of it close up. Always a blast. Maybe one day I'll take a decent photo with Jack. That day the wind was really whipping. :)

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