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Beautiful Day

After work today we hit the golf course to play 9 holes. I needed it. Needed the sun and the exercise. It finally seems as if summer is setting in. Just before the weekend it was actually cold for a few days. Now the fans are on and I'm turning on the air conditioning at work. The course was nice and quiet and since it's been a couple of weeks since I'd played, and me being a beginner we were able to go at a decent pace where I could hit twice if I wanted to, try my putt again if I wasn't happy with the first. I've been working on consistently making it over the ravine on this hole and today I did. It's a tough course though, especially for someone with arthritis as bad as mine. Lot's of hills and I tend to end up following my ball down the fairway which is all uphill it seems. I'd kill for a putting green in my own back yard.

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