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I took the new laptop for a test drive last night. Poser 11 has a much better comic style than previous versions so after testing how long a decent sized render would take on my new Asus ROG I decided to play around with a comic book look. In the mood for scifi I slapped a few generic models into a scene and loaded my favorite scifi character and began playing with the settings. I was quite happy with the way I got the green lighting to bounce off her and the floor. I actually do have a story in my head that uses this character. I've yet to really outline it as I've never done that before. Writing isn't something that comes easy to me but I'm working on it. Currently I'm working on a piece of fan fiction. I'm a huge Stargate Atlantis fan and I read a lot of fan fics so I though, what the hell, I'll test my writing skills on something where I can work with established characters and settings. It's about halfway finished. Maybe I'll have the guts to post it here when it's finished.


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