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Latest Render - This one, a work in progress.

Daz3D has announced a "Sword and Sorcery" contest and apparently you can enter multiple images. This one is not officially complete just yet but it's where my mind took me when I pulled up this character and started giving her a scene. She's currently rendering out as a much larger image right now so that I can use her elsewhere. I just love the gold colors and I actually like how the depth of field came out. That is something I tend to struggle with in Studio but I found a treasure trove of tutorials with Tundorn Games on YouTube.

I have another one in my head that I'm hoping to work on tonight. In my head it looks very Luis Royo-esque but whether it turns out to have that look remains to be seen. I mean, when it comes to fantasy art, nothing and no one compares to Luis Royo. He's amazing. I actually own the Heavy Metal limited edition sword and "The Time Has Come" print. I have yet to put it up in the new house but that may be a job for this weekend. :)

"There is art and beauty and power in the primal images of fantasy."

~Guillermo Del Toro


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