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Things have been stressful so I haven't had a whole lot of inspiration but I was in the mood for some scifi imagery so.... here is the Ships Hangar. The planet in the background is a Photoshop painting that I did. Almost all models are from Daz3D. Lighting really was a challenge for some reason.

I got the Oculus Quest2 for Christmas and my "home environment" is the scifi space station. Shocker, right? Everyone who knows me and has an oculus asked me if that was the environment I chose. Guess I'm an open book. Scifi all the way. My favorite show is Stargate Atlantis, my favorite movie is Galaxy Quest and my goto purchased movie on my phone/tablet is Passengers. I'm also currently watching The Martian. (shrug, scifi is my fav)

“Art is a place where you can be with your own kind, a magical place where imagination flies freely and widely.”

~ Efrat Cybulkiewicz


Be kind when commenting. I don't mind positive critiques but outright bullying will be deleted.

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