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My version of Brave. Rendered in Studio and it was a good way to experiment with multiple d-force clothing items on a single figure. The hair prop is also d-force compatible but I left it as it loaded onto the figure since it already looked exactly as I wanted it to. I'm just really happy with the way this turned out.

I feel like spending the weekend doing nothing but rendering, It's a great escape from... well, the sheer stupidity that's going on right now.

But, we have something to look forward to. Our Mexico trip is booked. We all need to just get away and the plan is to not leave the resort at all. I could really use a week of late breakfasts, cabanas next to the water, drinks and good restaurants. No work... no news... just vitamin D, salt water and some Don Julio and a rum runner in a coconut.

Luke Bryan says it best.... :)


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