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Deep Space Contemplation

15 hours of rendering and then a bit of postwork in photoshop. I love this new character but I have to say, the Daz PA who created it needs someone else to put his final product together. There's very little help with regard to which textures belong to which geo shell and his thumbnails are no help. One texture even tried to pull from a file that only exists if you have one of his other characters. I had to create that file folder and copy everything over to it just to get it to work. Very, very sloppy. He creates great scifi characters and I'll probably purchase again but Daz is just as sloppy considering they've received complaints about him and all they do is shrug it off and say that he doesn't respond. Daz needs to implement a bit more quality control.

It's finally beginning to feel like summer is ending. Layers are definitely needed up here with mornings and evenings dropping down to the 40's and the middle of the day reaching up to the high 70's. My arthritis is definitely feeling it. I woke up yesterday to pain in my knee (the new one), my right hip and my hand. Last winter was difficult so I'm not looking forward to this one. We're putting in a little putting green next weekend... sadly just in time for colder weather since the caldor fire interrupted our attempt to install it in August.


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