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Caldor Fire

Photo by Craig Philpott - Seriously, go check his YouTube channel out.

So this is going on. We've been evacuated for well over a week now. I swear I'm just waiting for Thanos to snap his fingers and enact his Endgame scenario.

We're at my mom's which ended up close to where they moved my office so that's.... good, I guess. It's just hard because it's extra/different work I'm not used to doing in an unfamiliar environment and I know they don't understand my limitations as it's an invisible disability that changes daily. Some days I can do more, others are a challenge and unless you know me it's just not easy to understand. Then I get a text this morning and (can't say where I work online) expressed their appreciation for our help and that really helped me lose a little bit of work stress. We see people who have completely lost their homes and even had no time to grab anything before the fire ripped through their town. It's so incredibly sad. My anxiety is through the roof with the work stress on top of worrying about the house, the communities we're involved with and friends homes. My husband has been able to come help out and he's been a God-send. So far the house is ok as is my office but things could change. If it goes truly f'd up and we end up having to evacuate from mom's house then I might just lose my sh!t. People on social media are truly being clueless, stupid and completely lacking in empathy so I'm staying off all but Instagram with the fire updates and discussions. These are people who look for conflict so I have no problem blocking these wastes of oxygen. Even a slight acquaintance on the fringe of our core group of friends, whose house is safe, made an insensitive comment last night. I'm just done with this sh...

Today is my only day off and while it was tempting to go golfing with my husband my pain level really needs chilling out with the dog, some fantasy artwork and maybe a little day drinking. She's been pretty stressed and everything we brought with us is covered in dog hair but she's handling it well.

I am so ready for this to be over. If all continues as it's been going ... and while CalFire has been great not everyone is happy with the USDF handling of things... our area will be ok. When we left the house the last time we brought up the firemen who had been working on our street some pizza. They appreciated it and we appreciated them.


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