Bully behavior on social media...

I waited to write about this since it occurred between flights as we were heading to see our daughter and son-in-law at their new house for the first time and our visit with them had my attention and not some pencil dick on the internet.

So someone I followed and who followed me on a social media platform was an acquaintance. We commented back and forth on occasion and had a few conversations. At one point we had even discussed possibly meeting up with him and his wife when my husband and I make our trip to Scotland in the future as he's in the UK. No different than any other acquaintance on social media. The closer we get to US election news, his social media comments start to turn very anti-American. Now... I ignored those posts. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we all get insulting from time to time when stating our own opinions, even if we don't see it ourselves. I never barged onto his posts and said a word. Then he would start to leave anti-American comments and memes on my posts. I started to ignore his bigotry on my own posts even. We have different opinions and quite frankly, when it comes to US politics he, as a brit, needs to stay in his own lane when it comes to my social media. I would never consider barging onto his social media and giving him my opinion of brexit. He hates Donald Trump apparently. I would say Trump derangement syndrome describes it quite well.

*** There are many reasons to dislike Trump but he's also done some great things for this country economically. He's the first President that hasn't gotten us in the middle of another country's conflict or war, he lowered the unemployment rate more than any other president, he's brought back jobs, he's lowered taxes, there have been more child traffickers caught under his administration than under any other. He's the first President to put this country first. He ended sending billions of dollars to countries who turn around and stab us in the back. For that alone I would support him.

***There are also many things on which I don't agree with Trump. While I believe we have a right to a secure border I'm not into his "build the wall" rhetoric. I cringe when he calls Warren "Pocahontas" even though she deserves it.

*** The truth is that Trump could stand to employ a speech writer to say what needs to be said without ruffling so many feathers.

That all said, there has to be something seriously mentally wrong with someone who gets so upset at a news article that he lashes out and verbally attacks me on social media just because I'm an American. We get off our first flight and while waiting for our connecting flight I hop on social media for a bit. We hadn't conversed in a while so it was a surprise to see a notification. He literally linked to an article about Trump, something I would not have agreed with Trump on by the way, and said "I blame you...." and then proceeded to verbally attack and blame me for something Trump apparently did. (I never saw the article in any US publication)

So this out of the blue attack as I'm on vacation felt like a sucker punch out of left field. I had done nothing to deserve it... or his dragging his friends along to also gang on... and considering the fact that he deleted the attack within hours, I can only assume he wasn't actually all that proud of his bullying behavior. When I called him out on the attack he claimed he felt the need to "take action". I pointed out that his "action" was to personally attack me for it undeservedly and I truly hoped he felt better. (sarcasm, obviously) He responded that it was "worth it" if it pushed *me* to take action. Apparently, instead of using his words in a meaningful way to make a real difference, it made him feel better to bully me about it. So an out of the blue personal attack against me, for something he found in his country's news, was "worth it" to him. I've dealt with bullies. This is the behavior of a bully. I informed him he had no right to come at me... and again, keep in mind we had not conversed in well over a week... over something that I not only had nothing to do with but wouldn't have supported either, and I was not his verbal punching bag for his hatred of Americans. I told him to piss off and then I unfollowed him. I really don't know what he expected to come of his attack but he left one more personal insult and then deleted that. He's now blocked across all social media, even social media I'm not active on.

He is just one small minded person and he's insignificant other than to rant about social media bullying but this is happening to people more and more when it comes to politics these days. Are people that unable to wrap their minds around independent thought? I keep hearing that support for Trump is support for racism. There's been no evidence of racism and when you ask for an example they can never provide one that's backed up with facts. I don't know anyone who agrees with everything their candidate says or does but these people seem to think that voting for him means we agree with everything. Do they not understand that a choice between two candidates is usually no more than the lesser of two evils? Hell yes I wanted to see what a business man would do for this country and I couldn't stomach the idea of Hillary in office. That's my choice just as it's anyone's choice to vote for her because they prefer political experience over a business man turned reality tv star.

But the bullying has to stop and those of us subjected to it need to stand up against it.

~ "If you're insulting people on the Internet, you must be ugly on the inside."

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