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Attempting to de-stress

Is “de-stress” an actual word? Regardless, the stress has been bad enough that my PA is flaring and I’m reaching for the scotch for pain relief too often so I needed a stress-free Hallmark Channel and crochet day.

I did take a Xanax to help but only because it’s better for me than a pain pill. So far it’s working but it also helps that I get to watch Jack Wagner today and tonight. I ❤️ the Wedding March series and it’s sad that tonight is the finale. He and Josie Bissett have great chemistry onscreen. And not just this series but when she played AJ on When Calls The Heart.

Last weekend I went out on the golf course with my husband and I’m tempted to go tomorrow too.

I was so hoping to get my second ever birdie but it wasn’t meant to be, lol. BUT… next weekend we’re having a

putting green put in at home which means I’ll be able to practice. 😎 I also lost 20 lbs as of yesterday

so things are good enough that I shouldn’t let things stress me out so much. It’s easy to do though.

Tonight I plan to render an ocean scene and work on this render from last week.

“The best six doctors anywhere and no one can deny it are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.”- Wayne Fields


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