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Finally! A Mermaid image.

Next to SciFi, Mermaids are one of my favorite images to create. I love the way this came out. I rendered it out print size so I may make it available for purchase. Not sure yet. I'm dealing with a lot of pain in my knee right now and some days it can be difficult to concentrate. But, I finally got a doctor to agree to a total knee replacement despite the fact that I'm typically considered too young for one. It's taken years of getting doctors to take my pain seriously but after an xray that shows, without a doubt, my knee is bone on bone with spurs affecting surrounding muscle and tissue, I have a surgery consult. (Finally!) Part of me looks forward to the recovery time where I can have an excuse to take it easy and just render whatever comes into my head but most of me is scared to death of surgery. But, if it means finally being able to be active again... or more active... I welcome it. :)

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