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Winter, Crochet, Leg Warmers, Chai & Proud Mom

Got my hot chai, got Andrea Bocelli's Holiday channel on Pandora, got a project on my hook... must be winter. :)

So I'm thinking that leg warmers need to make a come back. Or have they already and I just haven't seen them much? Regardless, I'm thinking I need to crochet a pair for myself as cold as it's been getting. And they would look so good with my slouch boots and poncho. Not to mention just wearing around the house with leggings and warm socks. Yeah, I definitely need to search out some crochet leg warmer patterns or come up with one of my own. :)

I have so many projects in the works though that they may have to wait until closer to Christmas though. I'm trying to finish my daughters Mermaid Tail Blanket that she wants.

And speaking of kids I'm so proud of mine. My son is off in a new career and is purchasing his first home all on his own and at such a young age. I raised both kids to work for what they want and he certainly is. My daughter, who was recently married is advancing in her recent job and my son-in-law just graduated from his school and is on his way to a successful Nuclear Engineer Naval career. He's such a good kid, I couldn't be happier for them.

We'll have a full house for Christmas this year and I'm looking forward to it. I'm crocheting like crazy lately. It's so relaxing to sit by the fire with a cup of Chai and Andrea Bocelli on Pandora. I need to find the time to make something for me soon but everything that isn't a gift is going in my Etsy store. I'm working on another infinity scarf similar to the Pumpkin Spice infinity scarf. I like the colors but my husband isn't so sure.

It's like the houndstooth design in that the colors are carried through the design but it's more of a puff stitch. One side has more yellow and the other more of the brown.

And when I get some time to get down to Michaels or JoAnn's for more yarn I want to find a quick and easy hat pattern and work up a bunch of winter hats that I can take down to the kitchen that feeds the homeless where they can hand them out to anyone who needs one. It's been getting awfully cold even in the foothills.

It's been a while since I've rendered anything and I'm feeling a pull towards needing to create something digital as well.

Time for another cup of something hot and caffeinated I think. ;)

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