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Finally some photography! Other than my daughters wedding and engagement photos I haven't taken my Nikon anywhere interesting in the last year. It used to go everywhere with me. The fact is, I have so many interests that on occasion one jumps to the front of the line and others take a backseat. Then there's my health. My arthritis is bad enough that it makes it nearly impossible to trek around the trails up here or even go to a knee for just the right angle.

I took these this last weekend during my parents 50th wedding anniversary trip. I love this beach and was glad I could get at least one sunset in. The dolphins were a surprise. I've not seen them so close to the beach. I had my camera trained on their location as did my sister in law and people actually thought it was the first time we'd seen the ocean. They stopped laughing when I pointed out the dolphins they'd been missing. :)

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