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~Mary Kate

I've been sick so my husband brought it all in the house and got the tree ready to decorate. That's all I had to do. I do miss the old house but with the kids out on their own it was just way too much house for us to keep. It was awesome to have while the kids were growing up in and while holiday's do make me sentimental for it this place really does fit the two of us much better. And since it's half the size of the other it's much easier and cheaper to heat.

"Peace on Earth, good will to all..."

I think I'll just quit my job and crochet Baby Yodas! I'm really curious if she'll get it. I did manage to buy the pattern before Disney shut down her sales. :) I get it... trademark and all but fan art is fan art. She should have offered it for free and requested donations for it's distribution. I can't wait to finish this guy.

I saw Clair in town today and got her to sign my ticket from her "Making of a Tomb Raider" movie. :)

We have known Clair since she was about 7 or so, her mom and I are friends and when I heard about her movie I booked tickets and her mom was actually going to the same theater so we sat together. Clair has quite a career and I'm really impressed with her. She and her sister used to babysit my kids (my son called her "chair") and it's just amazing watching the awesome things she's doing.

Below is the movie released on YouTube. Go watch her, she's awesome.

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