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The second one should be in a couple of weeks. Had a bit of a reaction but nothing too bad. I did debate on whether or not I should get it because of my autoimmune issues but I also read that individuals with autoimmune issues tend to end up hospitalized with covid so... I just did it.

The argument against it appears to be based on how fast the vaccines came to be. Well the fact is that sars and covid are not new. This strain is new and it’s existence and spread is definitely suspect but I’m fairly certain a vaccine has been in the works for this in some form. Then 2020 hit, part serious issue and part politicized but a serious issue nonetheless. Thanks to President Trump, who put together Operation Warp Speed, they finally had money and resources to complete these vaccines. So, no, I don’t buy into the theory that these were created from scratch in just one year. Since I’ve continued to work throughout the pandemic I’m actually surprised we didn’t get sick. But I am over and done with lockdowns and masks. It’s time to live again and if we let the democrats running the show have this control over us any longer... they’ll just keep adding on more and more restrictions.

This rendered last night and I'm pretty happy with it. Today I'm in search of some 'Avengers' inspiration. The sun is out, I'm ignoring politics because it's pissed me off enough that I've become a registered Libertarian. I don't subscribe to the "anarchist" lengths that many of them do but I'm currently beyond irritated at the two party system that's been in control way too long. Trump proved that we need a change away from Dem/Rep and I'm on board. Ok,< / tangent >

I'm also still on the search for a rigged Grogu that I can use in Daz Studio. I'm actually shocked that I can't find one. is my goto for franchise mesh's but they still don't have one for some reason.

The search continues.

I enjoyed the hell out of Christmas this year. It's the first year we weren't home for Christmas and that's significant for more than one reason. One, it's normally a time of year that we just don't make plans, and if we do they can be easily upended by weather due to our seasonal business and two, we've entered that point in our lives were Christmas doesn't have to be at "mom and dad's house". Both kids own their own homes and live their own lives and it was so awesome to go away for Christmas. It really was about time that a Christmas holiday not be dictated by having to work. We gave the keys to someone else who appreciated the work and it just worked out for all of us.

The weekend is half over and my regular Monday through Friday job starts back again in a couple of days but until Monday morning, I'm relaxing at home and not worrying about a damned thing. I have a baby blanket that needs finishing, a hat pattern that I started as something to do that didn't take up most of my lap this weekend and I had to get some render time in as well. I found a Mandalorian 3D clothing item for a character and I just had to make this...

This was just a quicky render, that didn't take much time at all, to satisfy my need to render some fan art. I have another 'mando in the works that should take much longer and be more detailed. Grogu is from Thingverse and while I managed to fix him to where I can get him into Daz Studio and he's textured enough for him to be in the background the search still continues for a truly decently rigged Grogu that works in Studio.

Also.... KETO! Monday begins a full keto challenge and I'm looking forward to that. Holidays are hard on my arthritis as it's too easy to give in to sugar, wine and champagne all of which cause my arthritis to flare up to an unbearable point, especially in winter. Wish me luck!

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