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Getting over the plague

I’m finally over the plague, what a miserable week. On top of dads memorial service next weekend and work stresses I really did not need to be sidelined by this. It’s day 7 or 8… I don’t have to be back at work until Tuesday which will be a good 9-10 days of quarantine. I finished one quarantine crochet project and picked up the baby blanket I need to finish now that I’m no longer contagious. Luckily the weather cooperated. Had this happened when we had no power or water like we did a couple of weeks ago it would have been unbearable. But the weather hasn’t been bad and ironically, focusing on my health (with c0v!d there’s always the fear that it could go south & require hospitalization, especially with an autoimmune disease) has let me let go of my work stresses temporarily. Temporarily because as I get closer to Tuesday I’m starting to have dreams again but it was nice to just say “f it” for a few days. Plus, just resting and watching YouTube and Netflix was cathartic. (I now know how to make whisky from ethyl alcohol and oak chips 😜)


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