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I am not a morning person so this'll be short. Another render with Christmas and cats. We're actually going to be taking down our tree today. The house/dog sitter brings her dog when she stays while we're gone and I'm not sure how he'll be with the decorations so... down they go. Daughter's house looks like Christmas threw up on it, lol, so she said by the time we get home we'll be glad it's already back to normal. :)

Happy Saturday!

Christmas Kitten

I know scifi is my preference but I can do a little fluff when I'm in the mood. I'm not all that happy with the Christmas tree I chose. It had the bulbs I wanted to use and practice the emission shader on. This was done in Daz Studio, by the way. I may do another version of this using a more updated tree that came with an interior scene. These are all the Daz house cat with the kitten shape and the fur option. (I couldn't resist) The background looks a bit like my own backyard right now. We got some snow this week and it's been cold enough that it's not going anywhere anytime soon. White Christmas.

Work is stressing me the hell out which was the reason to escape up to my office and render cats, lol. 2020 should be the year of the alcoholic. I'm getting closer and closer to telling people off so it's a good thing I have just one working day left before we take off to our daughters house for Christmas. It's her first year hosting, our son has work out there so he's able to spend the holiday there with us. She even bought us all tickets to the Busch Gardens Christmas village. Kid #1 has a promotion and move coming up, I'm so proud of him. Son-in-law #1 recently received a promotion, first class petty officer, so really proud of him. Daughter has a new position so all three of the kids are doing well.

All I want for Christmas is a super computer that will cut my render times in half. :)

I had to take a break and even removed this blog's visibility for a while. 2020 has been a difficult year. We're still healthy and both my husband and I have been working this entire time. My kids are still working and healthy. My parents have been staying home. They watch their Church online and I've helped them with that. They've been going out a little bit more lately. When we head into town we shop for them. Some from their Church bring them things when we're working. I talked them into meals on wheels and that has been working out for them. I'm still stressed on and off but I'm not going to hide away for an entire year. We flew out to see our son. All you can do is wear your mask when you're in a group of people and use hand sanitizer religiously. It's difficult to take other's fear of going out seriously when you've been working through this whole thing. We had our Thanksgiving with some family. It was the first time my niece, nephews and soon-to-be nephew were able to come for Thanksgiving. I enjoyed showing the boys how to cook a turkey, make mashed potatoes from real potatoes (no flakes!) and make the pumpkin bread and butterhorn rolls. They did a great job. My soon-to-be nephew speaks Spanish so I've decided that instead of my broken Spanish I'm going to dedicate 2021 to learning it fully. I'm buying a year of Babbel. So.... Estoy aprendiendo espanol. :)

The politics are getting ridiculous. I've been watching the hearings and listening to the witnesses detail election irregularities and outright fraud they witnessed. Unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone has the backbone to actually get anything done about it. I've listened to people tell me there was no fraud but when I ask if they've watched the hearings and listened to the witnesses (all of whom signed affidavits) not one of them has. Don't look south and tell me it's not raining north. Common sense. I do know one thing.... no one who voted to put a man with obvious dementia in the White House with access to nuclear codes has a single leg to stand on when they try to criticize anyone who voted for Trump. The hypocrisy is cringe. The behavior of the left is still horrible.

Life goes on and most of our government is corrupt anyway. If nothing else, the wheels are in place to fix our elections from further corruption. At this point it isn't even about Trump, even if they do manage to install (He was not elected) Biden, at least the blinders are off (for some) on our election process. Dominion is done.

This image is my latest scifi render. I wanted something colorful and this fit my vision. I also uploaded a YouTube video and created a channel. It's not ready yet as there's only one video but it's an ambience video of the river behind my house set to ambient meditation music. The thunder in it is real though. That's when I realized I should probably cut the video short and loop it. :) More to come.

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