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“Writing is like talking to yourself, just in a way that makes it look like you're not crazy!” 
~Mary Kate

My latest 3D Render. She turned out so well it makes me want to write a storyline around her. Rendered in Daz Studio with work done in photoshop. I rendered the background city separate from her. If I hadn't this would be rendering for days. I was going for a scifi look and I actually may make some changes... maybe add another character for her to interact with but I was happy with how she turned out and wanted to post what I had. She'll be an ebook cover soon. I may change the perspective and include a ship and the night sky. Maybe an alien to be her badass self against. :)

Goodnight all. My pain meds are kicking in. Last week was challenging but fun and awesome and I'll post the pics later.

This one I rendered a few days ago. I was in a romance genre mood and the result was this. She'll be on an ebook cover sometime next week. My Etsy store is in vacation mode while I work up enough product to have a decent selection. That and the golf tournament is later this week and I'm working quite a lot.

I could really use a new computer. Currently my laptop is rendering a scifi scene and I'm composing another on my desktop. Both are at least 5 years old. I've upgraded my desktop with an Nvidia graphics card, more memory and an ssd drive but I've done all I can. Time to start saving up I'm afraid.

Also binge watching Star Wars since I'm getting paid to stay home today. Works for me. My autoimmune issues are flaring and I'm a little bit worried about how much pain I'm going to be in during the tournament. They have crowds this year so it's back to normal. The crowds are usually pretty good but for someone with social anxiety... those Timberlake fans can be stress inducing. But it's worth it to see the golf up close. :)

“EmBRACE the glorious mess that you are” – Elizabeth Gilbert

I had to do another version of Brave after learning that my computer can, in fact, render the fur. I also bought some tartan shaders which means I see an Outlander image in the future. :)

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