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Yes, I got my first vaccine

The second one should be in a couple of weeks. Had a bit of a reaction but nothing too bad. I did debate on whether or not I should get it because of my autoimmune issues but I also read that individuals with autoimmune issues tend to end up hospitalized with covid so... I just did it.

The argument against it appears to be based on how fast the vaccines came to be. Well the fact is that sars and covid are not new. This strain is new and it’s existence and spread is definitely suspect but I’m fairly certain a vaccine has been in the works for this in some form. Then 2020 hit, part serious issue and part politicized but a serious issue nonetheless. Thanks to President Trump, who put together Operation Warp Speed, they finally had money and resources to complete these vaccines. So, no, I don’t buy into the theory that these were created from scratch in just one year. Since I’ve continued to work throughout the pandemic I’m actually surprised we didn’t get sick. But I am over and done with lockdowns and masks. It’s time to live again and if we let the government that’s running the show have this control over us any longer... they’ll just keep adding on more and more restrictions.

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