Stress and too much government control

So I mentioned stress and the federal mandate in my last post. Yeah, I've been stressed lately. One of my stresses has been resolved. I'm losing help and for a bit I was worried that I wouldn't find reliable backup but I did and so that stress has been resolved.

All through this pandemic I've been working. That's both a blessing and a curse. What I do helps others be able to quarantine/shelter at home. Many appreciate us but all too many just don't get it. As they moved up to our rural area to escape the insanity of cities, the workload increased as it did for the entire organization I work for. Covid hit us as well and we were, all across the country, shorthanded. Some understood but again, too many just didn't. So yeah, between that and worrying about family I've been stressed.

This pandemic has been highly politicized and it just won't stop. I'm sick of the hypocrisy from all sides. They criticized Trump but Biden is threatening to lock down the country while keeping the border wide open with none of the restrictions his administration is imposing on the rest of us. And then they announced the federal mandate. I'm sorry but my inner Libertarian fully believes that the federal government has no business mandating a medical procedure. Yes, I made the choice to get the vaccine but that's just it... it was my choice. My job has no business sticking their nose into my medical files and I will not "attest" to my vaccination status. I simply will not comply. Biden himself can come down to my office and fire me his damned self. The same people claiming voter ID is racist think a vaccine ID is a "good thing". I'm just done with the sheer hypocrisy of this whole thing.


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