Covid... over it.

I’m over it.. I need summer... my stress level, due to this BS and having to work with the public, is getting to me. Today someone (not local) who chose to come into *my* office acted as if *I* could possibly give them the plague. (A non essential issue even) There are morons criticizing businesses in my county for being open with precautions yet these complainers have no issues with putting store clerks, essential businesses, delivery drivers and postal workers at risk. Seriously, if you have the ability and privilege to shelter at home, or more importantly *work* at home, but you order everything you need online, order your Amazon fresh and grocery deliveries, order your uber eats... you do realize someone has to put themselves at risk to deliver that to you.... right? Those shelves need stocking, mail and packages need delivering, delivery trucks need to stop for gas... it's those little things that the "stay at home" nazi's just don't consider. Don't lecture people when you expect others to deliver to you. You know how that sounds to people who, admittedly are lucky to be working but still are risking their health for you? We aren't able to sit at home while collecting an *extra* $600 a week in unemployment. Don't bring up the stimulus either because people got that on top of the extra unemployment.

I'm just tired of it. The stress is getting to me.

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