It costs nothing to be kind & tolerance is a two way street.

I'm not sure if people are changing or if it's always been this way and social media is simply augmenting the evening news and bringing it to our attention. It does seem like there's a lot of entitled attitudes out there. Gone are the days where if you wanted something you worked for it and earned it. People used to respect others whether it was their personal beliefs or their job... not any more though. Christian businesses are sued for trying to practice their beliefs, retail customers are more rude than ever before, the NRA is vilified for existing, criminals, shot while while exhibiting violent behavior/weapons and resisting arrest, are promoted to sainthood and police are vilified. It's insanity.

I'm a Christian who believes in gay marriage and gay rights and I believe in 'born that way' but I also believe that a person has the right to their personal religious beliefs. You'd think that would appease both sides but no, each side hates the fact that I believe in rights for the other. Cue the social media arguments where each side screams "tolerance" at each other yet not showing the other side any and there I sit in the middle. It's frustrating to feel the way I do and listen to others demand tolerance for *insert your cause here* but tell the other side they deserve none.

I've dealt personally with people of this mindset and you can't demand tolerance or defend it when it suits you while denying it when it doesn't. If you commend designers for refusing to work with the Presidents' wife while pushing that a Christian business be put out of business because they don't feel right baking that cake or printing one of those signs based on their religious beliefs then you are the very definition of a hypocrite who needs to take the word "tolerance" out of your vocabulary. If you are a Christian who wants tolerance for their beliefs you have to accept that there are others who don't feel the same as you. Personally, I would bake the cake or photograph the wedding but if you don't want to that doesn't mean you can stop others. And if you are told by a business that based on their religious beliefs they don't feel they can 'bake that cake', you've no right to destroy their lives and livelyhood when there's another 'baker' or 'photographer' around the corner who will do it.

It's how I feel and both sides (and/or anyone who disagrees with me) can suck it up and deal with it. Tolerance for all.

Yeah not art related and I don't plan to do this often but I had to rant somewhere. I'm off to create something. :)

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