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“Writing is like talking to yourself, just in a way that makes it look like you're not crazy!” 
~Mary Kate

August 2, 2019

I damned near took my ass to the ER last night.  Luckily it wasn't appendicitis but I have a feeling I know what the diagnosis will be.  It's treatable but just adds to my autoimmune issues.  I'm just glad I was able to take the day off since working would have been damned near impossible.  Am currently ensconced in my bedroom sitting area with my computer with a render going, my crochet and HGTV on as I zone out on Tramadol.  I was going to work on a crochet pattern, I rarely have the time to do that but the tramadol isn't going to allow that type of concentration.  I'll stick to trying to find some scifi inspiration.  :) 

July 31, 2019

 They grow up so fast.  It seems like just yesterday he was a headstrong little guy and now he's all grown up, owns his own home and lives 2000 miles away doing his own thing.  If I don't accomplish anything else in this life I know we did well on these two perfect humans.  :)  

Happy Birthday kiddo! 

July 21, 2019

I hesitate to call this "artwork" because it was such a simple set up.  Everything right out of the box.  (well, a little tweaking)  I mainly wanted to try out the lighting and reflections as well as practice with the cameras depth of field.  I'm back to feeling blocked again with no new ideas coming forward.  It sounds strange but sometimes a change in my environment helps, either with creativity or the occasional feeling of being in a rut so I'm working on that. 


That last one can cause some depression so I'm working on that with a therapist.  She's not a full time thing... just something I took advantage of through work and completely through a text app. I hate talking about feelings so I told her I just wanted some tools to combat the anxiety and depression when it reared its head once in a while.  So far I've got 'write every night', 'stop thinking ahead too much' and 'don't over analyze'.  Yeah, ok those I could have come up with myself....

April 21, 2019

Latest SciFi image, "Coming Home".  

I'm having a lazy Easter Sunday morning.  After working yesterday and moving some heavy boxes from the old house to the new, my arthritis was acting up this morning and moving was a bit painful.  Had I got up earlier to stretch and do a bit of yoga it would have helped but I didn't and I'm sure God will understand.

March 7, 2019

I haven't updated my gallery in almost a year.  It's actually been a busy one for me.  Knee surgery, recovery, moving, trying to sell a house and this winter was (is?) a difficult one.  February was 3 weeks of no power, running out of water, freezing my ass off....  real fun.  Can't wait for summer.  

Anyway, I've got a couple new images in the gallery and I'm working on uploading a few designs to a book cover website.  I haven't been promoting anything and I feel like getting back into my artwork.  Getting back to making a few bucks with it again would be a good thing.  :) 

June 30, 2018

Getting over surgery.  :)  Yep, it's been fun... and painful.  I've had arthritis since a teenager and both knees are bad.  I finally found someone who would perform a total knee replacement which wasn't easy since my gp didn't want to refer me due to my age and the idea that I could end up needing a second after I'm through my 50's.  But finally, the knee that was at its worst point has been replaced and I'll tell you.. everyone who's had it done said it was the best decision they ever made.  What they didn't tell me was that its the most painful surgery/recovery you can have.  I'm assuming that the majority were people who were already retired and had all the free time in the world.  Me.. not so much.  I'm working full time so to add that stress on top of the pain, pain pills (which are both a blessing and a curse) and general misery made it that much more difficult.

I had no idea the recovery time would take over 4 months to a year.  Not fun....

June 8, 2017

Happy 25th Anniversary to my wonderful husband.  Not many make it this far and let me tell you, it doesn't happen without work.... and patience and acceptance and flexibility and whole host of other things.  These days, it's definitely an accomplishment.  :)

April 16, 2017

 However you choose to celebrate it (or not) this little girl is amazing.  Happy Easter.  

April 5, 2017

There's snow in the forecast but we've had a few warm days including this last weekend where I practically lived outside on my deck.  (It was heavenly!)  I'm ready to start getting the yard in shape and maybe grow some cilantro and onions on my railing planters.  I've had some Sweet Grass Fragrance oil infusing since the holidays and it's beginning to smell wonderful. It has me planning a trip to the lavender farm at the end of May and making a batch of Lavender fragrance oil.  :)

"In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours."

~Mark Twain

January 1, 2017

Happy 2017.  

December was quite a busy month for me with a house full of people, both kids home for a while and hosting the holiday.  2017 for me is the year of the empty nest.  A true empty nest that is.  Both kids are 2000 and 3000 miles away now.  We decided to drive out our son's dog and some of his boxes out to him the day after Christmas as the weather was decent for several days in a row.  That was an ordeal.  On the drive back I finished the latest item for my Etsy Shop.  It's a ribbed cowl using Caron Cakes blended wool yarn in Cookies and Cream color.  

It's rather soft and light yet the ribbing gives it a slight thickness.   This is probably the last item I put in my store for a while.  I have a few baby blankets to make and a blanket for my son's new home.  By 5pm tonight the latest storm should be here so as long as the power holds out I'll be up in my office crocheting and watching Stargate Atlantis on Hulu.  :) 

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