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“Writing is like talking to yourself, just in a way that makes it look like you're not crazy!” 
~Mary Kate

July 31, 2019

 Just a few photos from the golf tournament.  :)  Me and Jack, with Joe Theismann, Larry the Cable Guy, my husband in the background on tv and the beautiful area of the course where I was working.  

I can't wait to golf the course before the summer is over.  

July 21, 2019

I hesitate to call this "artwork" because it was such a simple set up.  Everything right out of the box.  (well, a little tweaking)  I mainly wanted to try out the lighting and reflections as well as practice with the cameras depth of field.  I'm back to feeling blocked again with no new ideas coming forward.  It sounds strange but sometimes a change in my environment helps, either with creativity or the occasional feeling of being in a rut so I'm working on that. 


That last one can cause some depression so I'm working on that with a therapist.  She's not a full time thing... just something I took advantage of through work and completely through a text app. I hate talking about feelings so I told her I just wanted some tools to combat the anxiety and depression when it reared its head once in a while.  So far I've got 'write every night', 'stop thinking ahead too much' and 'don't over analyze'.  Yeah, ok those I could have come up with myself....

July 1, 2017

Latest sci-fi image in the gallery is "Eclipse".  I was following another tutorial to sharpen my photoshop skills and this one was an excellent lesson in brushes.  And now since I've been on my ass in front of the computer for half of the day I think it's time to hit the elliptical  machine with my latest Sci-Fi book on Kindle. :) 

February 2, 2017

....because I'm getting really tired of winter.  I swear I've been sick for most of January and I spend most of my time huddled near the fire or the heater when I'm home.  What I wouldn't give for a nice warm day on the golf course.  (sigh)

My neighbor liked his San Francisco Giants scarf that I made for him as a thank you for watching the dogs and our place when we were gone.  He said to watch for him wearing it at the next televised game.  :)  

Now my husband wants one with Yankee colors and logo. He doesn't even wear scarves.  :) 

December 2, 2016

Got my hot chai, got Andrea Bocelli's Holiday channel on Pandora, got a project on my hook... must be winter.  :) 

So I'm thinking that leg warmers need to make a come back.  Or have they already and I just haven't seen them much?  Regardless, I'm thinking I need to crochet a pair for myself as cold as it's been getting. And they would look so good with my slouch boots and poncho.  Not to mention just wearing around the house with leggings and warm socks.  Yeah, I definitely need to search out some crochet leg warmer patterns or come up with one of my own.  :)

I have so many projects in the works though that they may have to wait until closer to Christmas though. I'm trying to finish my daughters Mermaid Tail Blanket that she wants.  I'm following Nadia's tutorial on Yarn Utopia and I'm almost finished.

And speaking of kids I'm so proud of mine.  My son is off in a new career and is purchasing his first home all on his own and at such a young age.  I raised b...

November 29, 2016

I've added a new infinity scarf in my Etsy shop. The Pumpkin Spice Infinity Scarf.  I love these colors together.  So fall like.  It's a houndstooth pattern and the alternating color carries through each row so there aren't a bunch of connections where the yarn was cut and added which also makes this thick and warm.  I came very close to keeping this on for myself.  :)  

September 21, 2016

Finally some photography!  Other than my daughters wedding and engagement photos I haven't taken my Nikon anywhere interesting in the last year.  It used to go everywhere with me.  The fact is, I have so many interests that on occasion one jumps to the front of the line and others take a backseat.  Then there's my health.  My arthritis is bad enough that it makes it nearly impossible to trek around the trails up here or even go to a knee for just the right angle.  

I took these this last weekend during my parents 50th wedding anniversary trip.  I love this beach and was glad I could get at least one sunset in.  The dolphins were a surprise.  I've not seen them so close to the beach.  I had my camera trained on their location as did my sister in law and people actually thought it was the first time we'd seen the ocean.  They stopped laughing when I pointed out the dolphins they'd been missing.  :)  

July 26, 2016

So the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament is over. Mark Mulder won it for the second time with Mardy Fish 2nd and Jack Wagner 3rd.    My husband, daughter and I volunteer every year and it's always a blast.  My favorites are Jack Wagner and Larry the Cable Guy.  Jack is always so nice and he tends to remember my daughter and I.  I'm always #TeamJack so this year I gave him a ball marker with that printed on it.  Larry was sweet enough to take a quick selfie with me.   The crowds were insane for Justin Timberlake.  Ironically, neither my daughter or I are big J.T fans so it wasn't a big deal standing or walking next to him.  I was tongue-tied enough talking to Jack, I always am.  :)  But it was some great golf and I got to see a lot of it close up.  Always a blast.  Maybe one day I'll take a decent photo with Jack.  That day the wind was really whipping.  :) 

July 19, 2016

Officially on vacation.  My daughter is back for 10 days and is keeping our tradition of working the Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament at Edgewood Tahoe despite being newly married and living 2000 miles away now.  Working the tournament is hard on my arthritis but it's worth it.  And there's the fact that I've started to golfing with my husband ( if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? ) and who knew I'd actually enjoy it so much.  Combined with the fact that I'm completely solar charged, this is my perfect vacation.  This image is not Tahoe but our home course.  Sunday we were playing and I was actually feeling the improvement I've been making.  From where I took this picture, I made it to the green and my ball rolled right in for par.  My best shot to date.  :) 

June 23, 2016

After work today we hit the golf course to play 9 holes.  I needed it.  Needed the sun and the exercise.  It finally seems as if summer is setting in. Just before the weekend it was actually cold for a few days. Now the fans are on and I'm turning on the air conditioning at work.  The course was nice and quiet and since it's been a couple of weeks since I'd played, and me being a beginner we were able to go at a decent pace where I could hit twice if I wanted to, try my putt again if I wasn't happy with the first.  I've been working on consistently making it over the ravine on this hole and today I did. It's a tough course though, especially for someone with arthritis as bad as mine.  Lot's of hills and I tend to end up following my ball down the fairway which is all uphill it seems.  I'd kill for a putting green in my own back yard. 

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