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August 31, 2019

Felt like a little Stargate fanart using the Atlantis gate and my version of a Wraith Queen.  Technically her hair should be white is what it is.  

It's a holiday weekend here and I'm extremely glad that I don't have to get out there in that traffic.  I spent the morning finishing up this render including the postwork. I have a crochet project for a friend that I need to get some work done on and I made an Etsy sale last night that I need to package up.   I'm also waiting for a crochet-a-long to be posted so that I can add yet another project to my ever growing list of yarn projects that I have to finish.  This one at least is a small one, a pumpkin for autumn.  :)  

Happy Saturday!

April 16, 2017

Latest render is a Stargate Atlantis fan art image.  In case it's not obvious by my gallery I am a super fan of Atlantis. When an online acquaintance said they were working on a gateroom model I was ecstatic. I'd been trying to piece together a gate room from bits and pieces of models but this beats anything I came up with.  I've been working on 3D characters that looks somewhat similar.  I can't draw so I'll take this outlet.  :) 

April 13, 2017

New in the Etsy store is what I call my mini Dr. Who.  It's patterned after the scarf seen in season 12 but not nearly as long.  Small enough to wear on a regular basis or as a cosplay costume part that won't leave you and everyone else at comic con, wizard world, etc tripping over you.  :)  

Also, with winter pretty much over I'm putting everything on sale with a 15% off coupon.  Just use AAWINTERSEND17 at checkout.  

Happy cosplaying.  :)  

February 5, 2017

New in the gallery, finally a Star Wars fan art image.  I've been wanting to finish this for a long time.  Today was too cold and rainy for golf and I'm still getting over this virus from hell that I've had for most of January.  I made some adjustments to the set up I had put together a while back and set it to render.  

Tomorrow as I avoid the SuperBowl I may do another.

May the force be .... well, you know.  :) 

November 10, 2016

Latest piece of Fan Art.  As a fan of Stargate Atlantis I love this model that someone created of the Atlantis gateroom.  I've been working on creating character lookalikes and while they still need work here is my 'Rodney McKay' character. He is my favorite after all.  

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