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“Writing is like talking to yourself, just in a way that makes it look like you're not crazy!” 
~Mary Kate

August 31, 2019

Felt like a little Stargate fanart using the Atlantis gate and my version of a Wraith Queen.  Technically her hair should be white is what it is.  

It's a holiday weekend here and I'm extremely glad that I don't have to get out there in that traffic.  I spent the morning finishing up this render including the postwork. I have a crochet project for a friend that I need to get some work done on and I made an Etsy sale last night that I need to package up.   I'm also waiting for a crochet-a-long to be posted so that I can add yet another project to my ever growing list of yarn projects that I have to finish.  This one at least is a small one, a pumpkin for autumn.  :)  

Happy Saturday!

August 9, 2019

Latest render.  There is some lighting and postwork that was done in photoshop but it was rendered in Daz Studio and I'm pretty happy with her.  

Someone asked me why I like scifi imagery so much.  I really don't know. Besides just a way to escape, I like the metals and the harsh lighting, not to mention you aren't stuck conforming to laws of nature and reality.  I've been writing some fan fiction and you can make stuff up almost all you want with scifi.  

"The ships hung in the sky, much the way that bricks don't" - The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

August 8, 2019

It's much better against my planet background.  

August 7, 2019

I'm not sure I'm completely happy with this render or not.  I was playing around with the lighting in Studio and I finally got what I was after but my starfield leaves much to be desired.  I think it's time to work on more space backgrounds in photoshop and learn how to put together a few render presets to use them in.  

July 21, 2019

I hesitate to call this "artwork" because it was such a simple set up.  Everything right out of the box.  (well, a little tweaking)  I mainly wanted to try out the lighting and reflections as well as practice with the cameras depth of field.  I'm back to feeling blocked again with no new ideas coming forward.  It sounds strange but sometimes a change in my environment helps, either with creativity or the occasional feeling of being in a rut so I'm working on that. 


That last one can cause some depression so I'm working on that with a therapist.  She's not a full time thing... just something I took advantage of through work and completely through a text app. I hate talking about feelings so I told her I just wanted some tools to combat the anxiety and depression when it reared its head once in a while.  So far I've got 'write every night', 'stop thinking ahead too much' and 'don't over analyze'.  Yeah, ok those I could have come up with myself....

April 21, 2019

Latest SciFi image, "Coming Home".  

I'm having a lazy Easter Sunday morning.  After working yesterday and moving some heavy boxes from the old house to the new, my arthritis was acting up this morning and moving was a bit painful.  Had I got up earlier to stretch and do a bit of yoga it would have helped but I didn't and I'm sure God will understand.

March 7, 2019

I haven't updated my gallery in almost a year.  It's actually been a busy one for me.  Knee surgery, recovery, moving, trying to sell a house and this winter was (is?) a difficult one.  February was 3 weeks of no power, running out of water, freezing my ass off....  real fun.  Can't wait for summer.  

Anyway, I've got a couple new images in the gallery and I'm working on uploading a few designs to a book cover website.  I haven't been promoting anything and I feel like getting back into my artwork.  Getting back to making a few bucks with it again would be a good thing.  :) 

February 15, 2018

New in the gallery is 'Mermaid Love'.  I'm enjoying the water reflections and sunset lately.  Maybe I'm getting sick of the cold and winter although it's been a mild one.  I definitely prefer the sun and warmth.  I hate sweaters and socks... I want tanks and sandals.  :)  

This is available on Renderosity to license.  

February 4, 2018

Next to SciFi, Mermaids are one of my favorite images to create.  I love the way this came out.  I rendered it out print size so I may make it available for purchase.  Not sure yet.  I'm dealing with a lot of pain in my knee right now and some days it can be difficult to concentrate.  But, I finally got a doctor to agree to a total knee replacement despite the fact that I'm typically considered too young for one.  It's taken years of getting doctors to take my pain seriously but after an xray that shows, without a doubt, my knee is bone on bone with spurs affecting surrounding muscle and tissue, I have a surgery consult. (Finally!)  Part of me looks forward to the recovery time where I can have an excuse to take it easy and just render whatever comes into my head but most of me is scared to death of surgery.   But, if it means finally being able to be active again... or more active... I welcome it.  :)   

January 26, 2018

My latest render is in the gallery.  I've been wanting to do this for a few days, it just popped into my head.  :)

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